Eurotrip: Budapest 2012

Budapest was where I took control. We arrived by train and then, alright…to be fair it took awhile to figure out where we were and how to take public transportation but hey, everything was in Hungarian. We got to our hotel eventually after asking people; the joy of being able to ask someone for directions! It’s my philosophy that there is nothing we can’t get with a smile and lots of gesturing.

It’s so good to finally have good weather however!

Budapest felt really young, a sort of casual student like simplicity in its vibe but with really interesting architecture and art around. One of the major experiences we couldn’t miss out on of course were the famous public baths and unfortunately I couldn’t take any photos! Not when I was running around in a rented swimsuit, bracing the cold to jump into herbed infused heated pools and sweating saunas! Can’t say I loved it, but I certainly did it!

Second day we walked up to the castle and was greeted with a magnificent view of the city. Followed by some history, and a brief market visit. Then it was time to fly to Italy, to the fashionable city of Milan!

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