BTS and Editorial: Beautiful Boys

Looking through the endless number of folders I had completely forgot to upload this. I thought I had but apparently not. My Beautiful Boys editorial was meant to have been published, perhaps it was last year and after waiting and waiting and waiting and countless emails to the editor and wondering whether an volcano had blown up the magazine office, I gave up. These things happen.

I don’t shoot male models as often as I should. As a young lady of healthy persuasions you would think I’d take every opportunity too, that is if I’m not muttering incomprehensibly behind the camera about how the light -just- doesn’t -quite- hit the rights spots correctly and why do guys just -don’t- move in quite the same way as girls do.  And then self despair wallows me up while I figure out why I am -just- so crap and will never amount to -anything-. And young men really do not like being painted on. Which I what I like to do best, hovering over makeup artists brandishing open their lovely shiny palettes and saying ‘how about we try them ALL?’ Cue dramatic emo curtains and musical self pity. Us photographers are fragile little things. Moving on…

So the joys associated with drinking copious amount of tea from big cups and dressing in ludicrous items of clothing because they’re lying around, I love photo shoots. They’re the most exhausting, sometimes wrenching things ever, but ah, the satisfaction. Especially with young beautiful men in leather pants, adorned with spikes and collars and furs.

With me were fashion stylist Krissie Cao, makeup artist extraordinaire Justine Bruers, models David W and Dan B from Chadwick and of course my awesome tea making friend and roped in assistant Anna.

And boys ARE gorgeous. They model even when they’re not modeling. Maybe I should be shooting more of them.


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