My Alexander Wang Rocco Dupe

Its been a long time! Things have been rather chaotic; I am now a newly minted lawyer busy with job hunting and keeping a level head. I have also been working with some amazing creatives doing some brilliant photoshoots which I’ll be excited to share soon, but in the mean time here’s something which I absolutely LOVE!

My New Bag
My New Bag

So the Alexander Wang Rocco bag has been making the rounds and I have to admit I was intrigued. Retailing for $895.00 though, I could either beg for this or resign myself to the fact that I shouldn’t have such expensive tastes. The I spotted something eerily familiar on the colettehayman site and was like ‘hello!’ A quick trip to the store at Melbourne Central ensured this little baby is ALL MINE.

Alexander Wang Rocco
Alexander Wang Rocco

The Colette Hayman studded tote is a superb dupe of the Rocco, in fact I’ll say it’s the more accessible cute twin brother, considering I got it for about $40.00! It is a barrel shaped tote, of a convenient middle size with an inner zip and pouches for phone and keys. The exterior is a soft pebbled texture faux leather with four lines of gold studs at the bottom, two handles and a detachable shoulder strap with gold hardware. Really the only difference is that the Rocco is 100% lambskin and the studs are bigger but I do prefer my bag as it’s much lighter! I’ve really enjoyed carrying it around as it carries everything I need and suits all my outfits, it feels really well made and durable and super chic!


So here’s for finding a super bargain. I’m pretty sure it’s still in store but have a look for yourself because I know Colette Hayman has two kinds of studded totes which I saw that are similar but not quite the same!

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