Outfit: Comme Ci Comme Ca

It’s finally spring in Melbourne! No more winter and blustery winds, but also no more layers where I can hide behind. How do I dress chic but also casual and heat resistance??

I found this t-shirt on Asos and just LOVE it. It reminds me all the times dad would call me and ask ‘Ca va mimounou?’ and I’d answer ‘Oui, comme ci comme ca…’ It means so-so, or things aren’t great but they aren’t bad either.

IMG_5578The material is so soft it’s unbelievable. I kind of wished it was a shorter crop though, maybe I should do some customizing, it would be perfect for summer!

Here’s the outfit I wore just to pick up some bread and milk.

IMG_5579I paired the tee with the super comfortable Lui Hon maxi skirt I picked up sale (and it has button hooks inside to turn the skirt into a mini! which is how I wore it here), H&M sneakers in khaki and some colorful bangles for accessories.


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