MSFW 2013: Industry Debate

Ash scored tickets to a Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Industry event, their first annual Debate and brought me along (whoo). I haven’t been to one before, this is part of a full day of networking and inspiring talks by luminaries in the industry.

This debate centered on Paid Media versus Earned Media, which is more valuable? The speakers included Phoebe Montague aka Lady Melbourne, Janice Breen Burns from Voxfrock, Anton Standl from Haystac on the part of earned media, Sarah Stringer at Carat, Lisa Messenger of Renegade Collective and Rene L’Estrange Nickson from Broadsheet Melbourne for paid media.

As a blogger and avid consumer, I thought I was firmly in the camp of earned media. I want to know what other people are loving and using, what brands they’re championing because they truly believe it’s great and not just because these companies are paying for it. That is also why I love to write about makeup, because when something is beautiful and works superbly, other people should know about it. It is the premise behind many blogs and vlogs and viral campaigns.

However I am also aware that without advertising and paid media, many of us wouldn’t be able to know about and access brands and new collections. And a lot of media publications would simply go out of business without their investors- can you imagine no more Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar? Yeesh.

It was really interesting and enjoyable to hear the viewpoints of the various speakers, especially as many tread the line between earned and paid media. And how fabulous do they look? Check out the gorgeous orange coat on Janice:

I’m looking forward to see what they have in store next year.

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