Outfit: Hidden Spots

Interrupting our scheduled runway posts with an outfit post!

This is my current absolute favourite outfit hanging in my closet. I wore it to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and it holds special memories for me because it is also what I wore for my first date with A (and we’re quickly approaching two months together!)

hidden spots 1 hidden spots 2The dress is a stunningly luxurious one from Bul. I fell in love with the print instantly and the material feels so soft and silk like. It sits beautifully and flows like it has a wind under it, and it comes with a camisole. Over that is my Lui Hon calfskin vest. I snapped this up at a sale and it is the only one in existence as it has never gone into production. Imagine as I basically bounced in glee! The cute ankle booties are from Topshop. I’d accessorize this with some major hand bling aka rings and some wrist hardware.


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