Bath and Body Works Haul

bath and bodyworksThere’s a Bath and Body Works in Dubai Mall! After watching countless vlogs of those very lucky people who are able to go to the US and haul back these amazing candles and other colorful and scented body products and of course being gutted that there wasn’t anything similar in Melbourne (and neither was there a Sephora or H&M when I left), I was kind of happy to find this store existed in Dubai of all places. So yes, there was a silver lining to my moving to the middle of a desert.

bath and body worksSuffice to say this was my first haul and subsequently there were more. It’s rather hard to resist when there are constant sales and great 2 for 1 and 3 for 2 sales, so I tend to pick up bunches of everything. Here I have got three of their 3-wick candles in Mahogany Teakwood, Lemon Drops and Cherry Blossom, three liquid soaps in Sweet Strawberries, Harvest Peach and Sweet Tangerines and 3 anti-bacteria hand soaps in fruity scents.

I find the liquid soaps really nice to use, gentle on the hands and lathers well but just a warning to those who may be particularly sensitive, these scents are strong! Particularly the anti bacteria soaps, just a little bit squeezed into the hands will result in wafting perfume strong enough to fill a room.

On the other hand the candles carry out the right amount of throw and it’s unbelievable how they have managed to create the different scents. Mahogany smells exactly like a lovely cosy library, while Lemon drops remind me of the lemon sherbert sweets I used to love and Cherry Blossom is just a nice mellow floral with some freshness to it. This haul happened 6 months ago and these candles are lasting well. They burn quite evenly although the wicks do turn up with some smoke. I passed by today and came back with four more candles from their Autumn line, can’t wait to start using them!

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