New website and updates

I have finally gotten myself an official website to showcase my work. It’s lovely and I tinkered about it the whole day yesterday. Click for official website Featuring many new works from my latest shoots.Thoughts and comments? All appreciated! I’ve also uploaded a few photos (extras from the last weekend beauty shoot) onto Flickr, so … More New website and updates

Blue Summers

I did mention about writing more about photoshoots, I’m so behind! Since the weather is starting to become that dreary cold sleep sort, I’ll write about a recent beach swimwear shoot.  Locations shoots are rare for me, I do prefer the stability and blankness of a studio to create from. Outside I have to rely … More Blue Summers


A shoot often begins long before call-time. It starts weeks or even months in advance with an idea  and then prep time starts. At the moment I am arranging a whole weekend shoot focusing on beauty work with Sarah Baxter when she emailed me a list of ideas she had. I’m such a fan of … More Prep