Jason Grech Spring at the Glasshouse

It’s been awhile, yet again! I’ve recently relocated to Dubai to embark on a new job and have been busy writing beauty reviews over at Belledemoiselle. Sadly that means I’ve been rather neglecting this blog even though I’ve been shooting quite a bit.

Jason Grech 49Last Melbourne Spring Fashion Week I shot for Stylemelbourne at QV where a glasshouse was erected to celebrate Spring with flowers, afternoon tea, a butterfly enclosure and it was launched with a fashion show for Jason Grech. I loved the dazzling fabrics mixed with leather harnesses and it certainly provided an interesting show!

Jason Grech 44 Jason Grech 43 Jason Grech 27 Jason Grech 2 Jason Grech 4 Jason Grech 6 Jason Grech 16 Jason Grech 9

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