Beauty Shoot- Caroline

Just realized I kept wanting to update but kept putting it off ’til the next shoot and then the next shoot and then another shoot. This semester I’ve completed 6 major shoots, worked with heaps of awesome new people and hopefully significantly boosted my portfolio another level. It’s great because I can now really concentrate … More Beauty Shoot- Caroline


Melbourne has turned into a scorcher when it’s not raining straight through for 6 hours. Attempting to sit through 3.5 hours of law exams twice was rather an achievement in itself and at last I’m free. Sweet sweet freedom from being cooped up for two weeks staring at tiny notes and bright computer screens! Sarah … More Summer


I meant to write about this on Halloween! Saw Orphan the night before, and while I’m usually not partial to horror films due to an overactive imagination (I still fear Chucky and IT), I was really surprised by Orphan! The story tells of a family still grieving from the loss of a stillbirth baby, and … More Orphan