The Effervescent Courtenay B

It might have been a little more than a year ago when I met the dearest darling Courtenay when she bribed me with home baked cookies and instantly became my muse. It’s absolutely lovely to have a model arrive on set happy, bright, cheerful, full of personality and fully prepared, in fact she blew me away with her wardrobe prep (and her natural red hair). Every time we worked together I have the most fun and am pushed to bigger better things.

Boy Meets Girl/Hair and Makeup by Sarah Baxter/Assistant Vlad K

Our first shoot together is still one of my favourites. In fact the image above is the front cover of my print portfolio and is soon to grace my wall. Courtenay slips into character well, give her a word a sentence, an emotion or make her laugh and she dazzles in every image.

Hair and Makeup by Nicola Johnson

At one point we did a shoot at her home, where I met her very friendly poodle and awesome family and proceeded to dunk her in a tub full of water and goldfish.

Hair and Makeup by model

To her credit however it wasn’t the most unusual thing we have done. Who have yet to see images from the Cephalopod story? A near 3kg, glutinous $60 pile of octopus was commandeered for a very intensely planned out beauty shoot. Thankfully it was bought frozen (unfortunately it had to be defrosted overnight and sure enough emitted a sort of lingering odour in the air). Courtenay sufficient to say was fabulous and proved her mettle by enduring the entire thing with a smile. One cannot get better than this.

Hair and Makeup by Sarah Baxter/Assistant Vlad K

Courtenay is also one of the most down to earth person I know, with a great sense of style and elegance. She is currently signed to Giant and I have a feeling she will go very far.

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