There would be days when I would feel so down, so depressed and so unmotivated because all I could think about is the future and all the maybes I may be letting go. There would be days where I would be trying so hard and something comes along pushing me back 5 steps like a gale through a wind tunnel, forcing me to struggle and catch my breathe. I was raised not to depend on anyone because anything I could achieve I could do it by myself and there comes the realization that adulthood is a maze, a blockade of people and ambition and I could no longer do it all.

I could not have known two years ago that photography could be so heart breaking, it has become an obsession. I want to live my life creating beautiful images, showing there is something bright and lovely in all the darkness I see every day. There are the strings and the tangles, all the no, and no, and no and then I hesitate. I doubt. I am imperfect. Where is my future? I do not know.

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