First publication

With all my latest shoots and prepping for submissions, I didn’t realize I actually received my first publication and tearsheets. What a completely (forgotten) surprise! It’s a little article (text and photos) on the 13th Nec Go Cup for the Australian Go Journal, of which I’m now the Melbourne correspondent for. So while it’s isn’t fashion and beauty, it’s still quite exciting and involves the other occupation of my life- go.
Go is an ancient Chinese board game played with white and black stones. It’s quite simple to learn but challenging to master, and quite beautiful once you start understanding the intricate complexity of the moves. I started playing about 6 years ago and have been involved in one of the local and more active clubs the past four years. This year (this weekend actually) we’re hosting the Australian National Go Tournament, so yes I’m covering the photography aspect again.
One of the Journal editors brought in copies and I get one. Happy.

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