Fascinating to look into a new year and see the possibilities. And reminiscing what was and could have been. I’m at the brink of multitude of changes, big changes and decisions and it is fearsome and exciting and terrible at the same time.
It is a chance to grow up and I feel as if I’ve stalled in a mire of my own doing. I’ve finally understood what it meant to have abandonment issues and to know that there are many things I’ve yet to learn and overcome. I wonder at the person that I was and remembered or may have made up and am sorrowful that she has become stifled and old and frightened. I’ve yet to say goodbye, so perhaps there are chances yet.
This year there will be possibilities and beginnings and new wonder. I do hope I will remember. My work seems a facade for the person I hope to be and there are details left unsaid. Perhaps this year they will grow and fill in the quiet empty spots.

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