Hot stuff

We are having a pseudo-Winter with a rainy Spring vibe going on which means layering and dresses with stockings. Always a favourite. I always talk about the weather because in Melbourne it is very easy to wear too little or too much or get caught in a downpour and then no one is happy. Every morning I check the weather report and stick my arm out into the balcony before dressing myself and even then it’s a 50-50 chance of being uncomfortable. I’ve now got a part time job which means I can break out all the lovely items of clothing recently purchased while on a H&M and Asos binge, because looking good means lovely customers would believe you more when you say ‘oh that looks gorgeous on you’.

I love online shopping. No fuss, no scrabbling around on racks trying to find something decent, no wondering whether or not this limp item would look good on you, and instead everything is displayed on a model, you just pick the size, the color and hand over your credit card. It helps when there’s a big SALE sign and FREE shipping. Easy exchanges are good too. Asos recently announced they’re going to open an Australian (AsosAu) site, and now I just silently pray for H&M Aus. In any case there’s always H&M Singapore and H&M Paris.

Every girl deserves to feel sexy and I adore this little hot red number. It’s also an effort to diversify away from black.

Dress from and features a lovely little cutaway detail at the back. The necklace is from Phoebe & Iris.

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